Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm backtracking a little, and reminding everyone why it's important to celebrate the American Dream. America is a great, greedy country, and I'll be damned if I don't celebrate its independence every year. This year, this is what I was celebrating and why.

Why? Because it's good.

Because we're overpopulated and it's forcing me to learn more Spanish than I ever intended on.

Even though we haven't been in the playoffs let alone won a Cup for years, this is MY sports team goddammit. While it is a Canadian sport, it's a Los Angeles team. Los Angeles is in America. (but just barely)

If you hate Disneyland you can delete yourself from my life. BAI!. Disneyland rules. Who doesn't love a little fantasy in their lives? I know I do. I can go from being in NOLA to being in Tomorrowland in like, 10 minutes flat. Take all my money please, Disney franchise.

I don't need to tell you why I'm celebrating these three albums, you should already know. And if you don't know, you better ask somebody. Or purchase them. just sayin'. Also, throw Cro-Mags "Age Of Quarrel" into the mix. I was just too lazy to find the cover and upload it.

Food with Integrity? Fuck yeah, I wanna eat food with Integrity. Anyway, Chipotle rules. Whoever god is, he better bless Colorado for having the first Chipotle.

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Jenny said...

theres only 2 album covers and chipotle suuuuucckkkssssss