Friday, June 13, 2008


Whenever I work with Rachael, there's a good chance that we'll be listening to Age Of Quarrel for the entire (or big majority of) shift. This causes some slight out of control happenings, like yelling or grapefruiting (as much grapefruiting that you can do to the Cro Mags) and emmulating John Joseph 's vocals as much as possible. Do you ever notice how listening to Cro Mags will make you do crazy things? Like speed or jump on things or I don't know...maul a small tiger.

I am hoping that one day, a pair of musically inclined 6'4' babes with shaved heads come into my store and start talking to me and rachael about NYHC. I will then
Use my wit and charms to make at least one of them love me. A dude after my own heart, finally. Hopefuly he'll take me on my caribbean cruise or at least buy me my island in the middle of nowhere.

This morning a group of white trash valley bottom dwellers came into my store. I was all by myself, and one of them asked me is we got any new Circas in, and another had grimey black and grey sleeves and was holding a tissue to his hand. The other two were meandering around the store, presumably looking for something to steal. Grimey sleeves asked me for a band-aid and then the group ran into the mall aka the custody of the LAPD. LOL at you, bottom dwellers. Must suck to be arrested for shoplifting from Target for stealing mp3 players. Not only that but apparently all the entrances to the mall were blocked off and they brought out the ghetto bird. Great job, Los Angeles!

Also, I want shoes that cost $825 dollars. Fuck you, Christian Louboutin for making the best shoes ever.

This is what happens when work is so unbelievably slow you want to cry.

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