Friday, May 9, 2008

attack of the cholas

i worked for MAC Cosmetics for 2 years. i'd say about 98% of our customers were hispanic women. most of them were ignorant as fuck. most of them did not speak any english. i'd say i've learned more spanish in my time working at MAC than i did in Spanish I or II in high school.

a girl named M who used to work at my counter went up to a chola shopping for a brown lipliner. in her hand, she held 'teddy' eyeliner which is a dark shimmery brown color. eyeliners are not recommended for the lip area because there is an ingredient in them that may be harmful if ingested.

m: "hey hun did you need some help?"
chola: "i'm looking for a dark brown lip liner"
m: "well, thats an eyeliner. it's not safe for the lip area. if you ingest it, it might make you sick."
chola: "so, my stomach knows whats for my eyes?"


katalina said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogspot! so much better.

Anonymous said...

so..among my MANY dumb customer pet peeves i have the most recent story of a lady. She was looking for Stone lip liner. She comes up and asks for it, and i promptly tell her we don't have it anymore..she proceeds to tell me IT WAS FOR HER BROWS.
okay, i can MAYBE see that. she really insists on me pulling out all lip liners and proving all our nudes are NOTHING like Stone and are incredibly too pink.

so after i do this she asks if i can suggest something else for her.
i say "well, eyebrow product first off?"
she is really set on using anything but, things..made for eyebrows.

i finally talked her into lingering. after...much hesitation.

IMAGINE THAT. an eyebrow fill in my eyebrows?!!

oh, and i'm not sure if you ever get this one while standing in front of any display unit (shadow, lipsticks and blushes mostly)
"I'm looking for a blue eyeshadow?"
and then they look up at you like THEY DONT KNOW WHAT BLUE LOOKS LIKE?!

or "where are your red lipsticks?"
what i want to say "well, they're most likely the ones that look color..."

or brown lipsticks. OMG don't even get me started.
sorry this comment got really long.

i could go on for days about stupid customers.

-Jessica Sinclair
(prolly the only person you know in Oklahoma)